Irmin Schmidt & Can

Another extremely pleasurable assignment from LA Record. In fact, I was already working on a portrait of Irmin Schmidt, keyboardist and founding member of the German “Krautrock” group Can when Chris Ziegler asked me if I could quickly create an image to accompany Ron Garmon’s interview with Schmidt entitled “There is a Nice Story.” Chris must’ve been surprised with the level of detail of this piece, which includes many references to Schmidt’s career and sub-portraits of Malcom Mooney, Can’s first singer and Can themselves in an early 70’s incarnation with their second singer, Damo Suzuki. My concept for this portrait was to create an image that could be view from all angles, with elements that are upside down from every angle as well, thus creating more opportunities for discovery beyond the initial impression. I used technical pens, conté crayon and acrylic on bristol board with digital color.

Irmin Schmidt

This is my original black and white drawing of Can performing on The Beat Club, a German TV show in 1972.


and this is my original conté crayon drawing of Malcolm Mooney in the late 60’s.

Malcolm Mooney


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